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Welcome to the ConservativeChitChat Messageboards, a place to discuss Conservative politics in the United Kingdom, and around the World.

You don’t have to be a Conservative to post here, but it helps.

The messageboards are provided to fulfill a range of functions, including:                       

  • Provide a place for Conservatives in the UK & around the world to hangout & swap notes online.
  • Provide a permanent place for Conservatives in the UK to throw policy ideas into the limelight in a similar way to the official party’s old STAND UP, SPEAK UP campaign, or Cleggy’s old “Your Freedom” campaign.
  • Provide a place for Conservatives in the UK & around the world a place to discuss policy ideas + stories in the news.
  • Help Conservatives around the world improve their performance in Politics
  • Provide a place for Local UK Conservative Associations to have a presence online, even when their official site is out of action via having your own board on the board (just send a personal message to the messageboard’s Admin with the necessary details to have one opened).
  • Show the world that contrary to what our opposition (socialists, etc) would have people believe, that Conservatives don’t eat babies or bite.
  • Make the topic of politics of more interest to people normally bored senseless by Politics, and win them over to our side.
  • Everyone’s welcome to join in: Ordinary voters off the street, grassroots supporters & activists, party / association chairmen, Local Councillors, MP’s, MEP’s, Cabinet Ministers, Prime Ministers, Congress Representatives, Senators, State Representatives, Presidents... you name it.
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