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Lincoln Rail Bypass - Real Rail Improvements (Read 2383 times)
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Lincoln Rail Bypass - Real Rail Improvements
Jun 25th, 2012 at 9:11pm
Mark & Quote Quote 
This idea came to me shortly after reading an article on ConservativeHome back in February by Karl McCartney MP about Network Rail.
In particular, the bits where it says
Network Rail recently announced that the level crossings, some of the busiest for non-rail traffic in the country, are to be closed for over 40 minutes in every daylight hour to allow freight trains diverted from the East Coast line to travel through the centre of our vibrant city.

Since I became Lincoln’s Member of Parliament in May 2010, I and my colleagues on Lincolnshire County Council and the City of Lincoln Council have had a continual problem with Network Rail because of their inaction and unwillingness to solve the pedestrian congestion currently caused by the barriers being lowered for around 20 minutes every hour.  Network Rail are exacerbating this problem by their insistence that the only option to improve capacity on the East Coast line is to send rail freight traffic ‘cross country’ and through the centre of Lincoln.

My rail improvement idea for this particular problem is to build an extra railway line round the outskirts of Lincoln for diverting rail traffic that isn't stopping there.

Perhaps built similar to China's high speed lines I've seen footage of the construction of on YouTube:

Admittedly, some of that's fallen to bits already, but that only seems to be because they seemed to have used the Chinese equivalent of O'Reilly the builder from Fawlty Towers to build them (who used mud to pack the supports into the ground, rather than the specified gravel).
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Lincoln Rail Bypass - Real Rail Improvements
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