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Posted by: Admin-JD  Mark & Quote Posted on: Nov 14th, 2018 at 5:32pm
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Posted by: Admin-JD  Mark & Quote Posted on: Mar 3rd, 2015 at 4:12pm
In the "Right Minds" section of the Daily Mail website.......
Every other weekend for the past 15 years, I seem to have found myself standing precariously on top of a wobbly step- ladder, attempting to replace one or other of the numerous halogen light bulbs inset high into the ceiling in the rooms of my house.

A bit like putting out the rubbish or trimming the hedge, itís one of those tedious, mildly dangerous man-jobs you have to do in return for the even more tedious chores your other half does.

The risks include burning your fingers (halogen bulbs get very hot); injuring your neck (because theyíre harder to reach as they donít hang from a piece of flex); and being driven mad with frustration (they are the devil to unscrew and replace).

So, I suppose, in some ways, I should be delighted by the news that ó possibly as early as next year ó the European Union plans to phase out these wretched things and replace them with more energy-efficient models, which supposedly produce better light and last much longer.

But Iím not. If youíll forgive the pun, Iím incandescent with rage at what looks very much to me like yet another piece of typically, bullying, ill-thought-through piece of EU legislation which, in the guise of making things better for all of us, will only end up making things worse.

First, letís consider the cost. While a halogen spotlight can set you back as little as £1, the LED bulbs that the EU wants us to replace them with can cost as much as £25 each.

Having counted up the number of halogens in my home ó eight in the kitchen, two in the bathroom ó that means a whopping £250 of bulbs I would be expected to buy as replacements as a result of EU diktat.

Yes, I can afford it, but there will be many who canít ó especially, I fear, all those pensioners who have already been frozen into fuel poverty by all our EU-driven renewable energy policies and will now find themselves half-blind in lighting poverty, too.

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